Doug Siefkes has been developing PR strategies for transportation clients for more than 20 years. He has worked on the client-side as well, as a senior writer for Intermec, a world leader in bar code technology and manufacturing.

Stephen Petit teamed with Doug in 2004 after 11 years as an editor and partner at a publishing company that specializes in commercial trucking in Canada. Follow Stephen's Twitter feed @truckpr.

Gregory Van Tighem’s PR tactics are shaped by his nine years as a reporter. Great writing, research, and a targeted message got his attention then, and it’s what he strives for today.

Bill Virgin is an award-winning business writer with 34 years of experience covering a range of industries for daily newspapers in Washington and West Virginia.

Experience counts. Yours and ours.

In 1987, I worked for an advertising and public relations agency in Seattle where Kenworth Truck Co. was a client.

The ad guys did terrific work promoting Kenworth's reputation as a builder of top-quality commercial trucks. But advertising is only part of the marketing mix. To me, on the PR side, the most persuasive stories come from a company’s customers, partners, and people.

So we talked to Kenworth about adding PR to their communications effort. They saw the benefit of instant senior-level experience and media access without having to add staff. I enjoyed the work so much that in 1991, when I started my own agency, I decided to focus on business-to-business communications for companies in commercial transportation. Kenworth became my first client, a relationship that continues today.

Now SiefkesPetit represents a strong stable of clients who count on us to help them reach decision-makers in trucking, construction, and other heavy vehicle markets. We're the most experienced and connected account crew in the business, so you won’t lose time or money while your PR agency learns a complex industry with a language all its own. And we provide immediate credibility and traction with journalists. 

If you have questions about how PR works, or what we offer that other agencies do not, give me or Stephen Petit a call. We’re happy to help.


Doug Siefkes